Gamification, Blockchain, Crypto-monnaies

Et un plan pour changer le monde

Dreamy, utopian? Either way, I aspire to a better world. Not just fairer or more egalitarian. I believe that "equal opportunities" does not mean "equal talents." Geniuses, inventors and creative people must be recognized and encouraged, but through a brand new social system based on cooperation and mutual aid. Gamification, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are, for me and my team, the technological foundation of a profound social change.

My vision with is to demonstrate that social engagement can fight against individualism while encouraging individuality and personal success. When I embarked on the adventure three years ago, I always considered it to be a three-step project to improve society:

  1. Create an international consulting firm based on individual engagement and self-organization.
  2. Create an investment fund to encourage the adoption of technologies that support self-organization.
  3. Create an academic system to improve the technological literacy of people who are destined for business management and public administration to help them build a society that harmoniously combines collaboration and coopetition.

Basically, it is a matter of creating a proof of concept and then giving ourselves the means to apply this model to civil society.

As 2PS has more than 500 members in 20 countries, and we are approaching the second phase of the project, I find it useful to share some of the reflections that have animated us, and in particular two fundamental questions: What is engagement? And how can we stimulate it?

How to stimulate engagement

The term "Engagement" is becoming increasingly popular in companies. Business executives are looking for a stronger commitment from employees, customers, partners (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.). Neuroscientists, psychologists, and sociologists are interested in the processes involved in the functioning of this mechanism, which aims to create links between people. Although there are still many questions to answer, the current studies agree on two elements to create a link: reward and generate trust.

However, some companies with a high level of engagement do not actually address their customers directly. They create common interests. For example, Harley Davidson makes motorcycles but builds amazing communities. Its product, its brand, its universe is "engaging" enough to connect people to each other.

How can we get such an engagement? Since the beginning of 2PS, we have used gamification to generate such an engagement. By applying mechanisms derived from video games, we multiply the sources of rewards and allow a community to have a mechanism of recognition.

Trust in the reward system is also essential for commitment. Start-ups use stock options or the possibility of working in a creative environment or co-working space. MLMs use a scoring system to win trips or gifts. Same for credit cards, airlines etc.

Engagement = Recognition + Reward + Trust

Today, Blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies create reward and trust. By combining these technologies with gamification the chain of engagement is complete:

Engagement = Gamification + Crypto-currencies + Blockchain

2PS allows a multitude of individual or small consulting companies to meet with each other behind a single branding. With more than 500 consultants already attracted by the ludification as a mechanism for cooperation between independent experts, we can, therefore, begin phase 2.

How to integrate crypto-currencies and blockchain

In 1984, Mitt Romney (known as Obama's opponent in 2012) founded Bain Capital from Bain & Co, one of the largest US strategy consulting firms. Bain Capital is one of the largest investment firms in the United States, with an estimated net profit of between $190 and $250 million. The virtuous circle created by a consulting firm supported by an investment company is eloquent in Bain case. It is this model that we are going to replicate with the Blockchain as an essential component to ensure transparency and security.

2PS is, therefore, preparing to create an investment fund, called 4PS. 4PS is an investment fund that will integrate not only VCs and private investors but also the companies in which the fund will invest. To raise the money that will be invested, we are preparing to run an ICO that will soon be available to crypto investors around the world.

More than 700 ICOs were carried out in 2017. But they are all linked to a particular company and its community. This new type of crowdfunding is very popular with startups. But for investors, the chances of survival of these different crypto-currencies currencies are low. What will truly change the situation is when corporate ecosystems will start to make ICOs, which is not common today. It is not common, but it is exactly what 2PS and 4PS are going to do.