What is the 2PS Ambassador's role?

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2PS is an global network of professionals. In cities all over the world, independent consultants join the community in search of collaborators for their clients' needs.

While there are hundreds of members in the network, someone needs to take the lead of the community, connect members and put 2PS on the map in your city! This is the Ambassador's role. Does your country have a 2PS Ambassador? Most probably.

What is a 2PS League?

Each Ambassador has a 2PS League that they are responsible for. A League is exclusive to the 100 chosen network members in the city. The membership is dynamic and can be altered based on performance.

Being part of a League gives you benefits:

  • Face-to-face time with the Ambassador
  • Invitations to exclusive League M33TUPs
  • Become a speaker in a 2PSHOW
  • Inclusion in sales strategy of Ambassador - potential new clients
  • Inclusion in larger missions with other League members
  • Be part of a TA5KFORCE
  • Collect the "Broker" badge thanks to your Ambassador
    Note: As a 2PS Broker, you will receive a percentage fee on every bill a consultant sends to a client you've refered him  

To be part of a League, you must contact the Ambassador of your city.

No 2PS League in your area?

Would you like to become an Ambassador? You can apply to be a new Ambassador in your area or refer someone who would be good for the role. Contact your Regional Manager to run your own league.