Markus Schwarzer

Markus Schwarzer

Business coach

1 What is my mission? 

To use my passion and expertise to improve business processes that enables business owners to grow their business and increase profitability.

Note:  I am relating well to people at all levels (worked with senior mgrs., union delegates and people on the shop floor), can usually simplify issues and address concerns/problems with good ideas.

I have been a member of NZ Business Mentors for the last 4 years on a voluntary basis and had always good feedback.


2 What do I do?

Helping SME manufacturing companies to run more efficiently, deliver lower operating costs, and become more profitable. 

I am using my strong financial knowledge and expertise gained at leading international companies. Most process improvements lead in most cases to financial benefits such as improved cash-flow


3 What are my core values?

Excellence in my service and product delivery by tailoring outcomes to the client’s needs, maintaining high professional standard and providing individual attention.

4 What tools and methods do I apply?

Value Chain Analysis, Process Mapping, Activity Based Costing modelling and Porters Five-Forces are my main tools to establish a base line and then tackle improvements.

5 More info?

Check out my LinkedIn Profile or visit my website Certo website
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