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Connecting Consulting and Funding
Equity for 30% of 2PS shares + 50% bonus on tokens pre-sale
100M$ USD
ICO will fund the crypto investment fund

Crypto-fund based on cryptocurrencies and distributed consulting excellence

Invest before pre-ICO ends

with bonus!
50% bonus on tokens pre-sale

Pre-ICO investment period ends on March 1, 2018
We accept: BTC ETH
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Traditional funds suck!

If you don't fit in the box, you're dead


Not sexy enough!

Blockchain & IOT?

It's a gimmick!

Digital transformation?

Too late!

Can't explain in 5 minutes?

Too complex!
So we create something new

Experts + Tokenization + Gamification

Independent consultants are rewarded for identifying and valuing projects

551+ experts in 20+ countries

Each project must be analyzed in its local ecosystem. Only a local actor can understand you!

Common sense

Measurement and adjustment of investment needs

Risk management

It's not a matter of KPI & Spreadsheets when people are really involved in projects

4PS is supported by a real network: 2PS

551+ brains are better than one

The grey matter integrated ready to serve investments for technological transformation!

Glocal community of 551+ advisors is able to review and implement strategies and solutions in any industry.

Our consultants are vetted experts in finance, strategy, operations and IT areas.


4PS Roadmap
4PS Roadmap

Investment opportunity

For Visionaries

An opportunity to take the lead to co-design a crypto fund to endorse your vision of investment process.

For Investors

Get rewarded by having a 50% Bonus on token values at the time of the ICO and get equity in 2PS, the next generation funding management.

For Institutions

Invest in the crypto investment fund supported by a consulting firm.

Use of proceeds (5M$ USD)

35% Marketing
40% Technology
25% Operationnal
5% Promoting ICO
20% Recruiting ICO investors
10% 2PS members educations tools
10% 4PS tokens sale platform (marketplace, wallet...)
10% 4PS tokens tools (smart contract generator, API...)
10% Integration in 2PS existing platform
10% Integration with trading marketplaces
5% Increasing number of Consultants
15% Legal and risk management
5% 4PS deals flow development


Yann Rousselot-Pailley

Yann Rousselot-Pailley

Co-founder & CEO of 2PS
  • 20 years of experience in consulting and finance.
  • Crossed the Atlantic on a racing sailboat in 14 days.
Loïc Bisière

Loïc Bisière

Co-founder & CTO of 2PS
  • 20 years of experience in technology.
  • 10 years of experience in consulting.
  • Used to be a Guild Master managing 200 players in World of Warcraft.
Juliette Rolland

Juliette Rolland

Head of community relations
  • Expert in Gamification.
  • Platted entire Dark Souls Trilogy.
Sara Sebban

Sara Sebban

Head of investors relations

Ran a consulting firm to fund & internationalize startup.

Frederic Letendre

Frederic Letendre

Head of LGRC
  • Legal Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance or "LGRC", refers to the complex set of processes, rules, tools and systems used by corporate legal departments to adopt, implement and monitor an integrated approach to business problems.
  • Advised Ubios, the legal campaign of crowd funding by equity.

Advisory Board

Pierre Paperon

Pierre Paperon

Pre-ICO / ICO Advisor

Former CEO of Altavista, Pierre worked at Apple, Microsoft, McKinsey... always at the edge of new technologies, he is an ICO specialist and a digital investor.