How to login with an "old account"

Can't connect and can't reset my password

Since the beggining of we've made a huge range of modifications, updating our technology regulalarly in order to keep our platform moving forward with the times. 

The "v3" beta version was introduced in November 2016 and was a major modification to our authentification system. 

With "v3" you can login on using Linkedin, Gmail, Facebook or your Microsoft account or create an "identification account" using your login and password.

If you haven't logged in since the introduction of v3, it's easy to retrieve your old account.

You just need to sign up with the same email used before (on the "v2").

If you can't remember it, contact us :

Step by Step

Use a social network (HOWEVER your email used for this social network needs to be the same used on your "old v2 account")


Create an account with your email (same used on your "old v2 account") and choose the password you want. 

The next time you login on, use the default "Login" section. 

If you have linked any of your socials networks to your profile you can use these to login.

If you still have difficulties logging in with your old account send us a request at We can provide help to you ASAP.