Get more points fast

Increase your score in the quickest way possible.

You know points dramatically affect your ranking in the 2PS network. But how do you win more? 

Billing Clients 

The best and quickest way to win points is to bill through 2PS

Each 2PS Regional Manager has determined a "credit per transaction" rate, keeping in mind inflation and currency to allow for the variation between countries. Therefore points awarded via billing are dependent on your area. In France each €100 billed through the platform gives you one "credit". This is in comparison to Canada where every $130 awards you one "credit". 

When your customer pays your invoice your "credits" turn into skill points. These credits are transformed into sharing points for the expert who referred you to the client. 

For some of you this could mean you're earning one skill point or sharing point per hour of work done. 


Collaboration points are obtained by contributing to the 2PS community. You can do this by attending 2PS events, working on projects with, or referring a client to another consultant. 

The easiest and most efficient way from amongst these options to earn points is by referring a client to a fellow consultant. Every time they bill you receive one sharing point for each "credit per transaction" outlined in the paragraph above. 

You can also earn them by co-writing an article or co-hosting a conference during a 2PShow. Just like speaking at a 2PShow gives you points for your expertise being a co-animator gives you sharing points. 

Talk about 2PS Online and Offline. 

Articles allow you to display your expertise and professionalism to the network. You can write about work you've done with other consultants or area's that interest you in addition to co-writing articles with network members to gain skill and sharing points.

Promotions Exclusive to Your Area

For each area where there is an ambassador present is a exclusive Facebook or LinkedIn group. If you haven't joined already do so either by searching and applying, or asking your ambassador to add you. 

Occasionally 2PS will offer additional points for a certain action for a limited period of time. This information will be published in the secret group for your region. 

Remember, your points are a reflection of your actions as an expert but also as a member within the 2PS network. They are very valuable for your internal and external reputation on the 2PS network.

This table lists all the possible actions you can perform and what points amount you earn for successfully performing the action.