Common questions from clients

We've answered the most frequently asked questions to 2PS.

What makes a 2PS Expert?
We only grant experts access to our platform after we have thoroughly evaluated their professional experience, education and project performance. This ensures only the most qualified and passionate freelance consultants can enter our network and show up on your search.

How does the 2PS website evaluate which is the most relevant consultant for me?
By typing your business need into our search page, our algorithm takes into account the skills you require, proximity and also our top performing (based on past performance and interactions with other 2PS consultants) consultants to deliver exactly what you need.

How does 2PS provide an overall solution for my business?
Our large community of professionals are field leaders across many aspects of business. If the consultant you use cannot deliver a business solution you require, they will find somebody in our network who can. For a full consultant firm experience use your local 2PS Ambassador as a personal project manager, sourcing and synchronising consultants to give you a functional team.

How are contracts and agreements arranged through 2PS?
Every project done through 2PS utilises two contracts; one with a built-in set of agreements, including IP ownership, contract termination, non-disclosure agreements, ownership of assets and basic dispute resolution The second with specific project objectives and agreements between you and our consultant or ambassador.

What’s your non-disclosure policy?
Aside from the 2PS professionals working with you, nobody has access to your private information or project scope.

How can you guarantee my project will be satisfactory?

Customer satisfaction is a big priority to us. We withhold funds for 15 days past project completion so you have time to notify us should there be anything wrong. If for any reason you are unsatisfied we will work to establish a successful outcome for you through expert replacement or mediation.

Payments and Pricing

How do I pay my invoice? Do I have to pay upfront?
Once you’ve decided on a price with your consultant, they will send you an invoice with the agreed sum and a link to pay online or an address to send a check. It is required for you to pay the invoice before the project commences - but we keep payment secure until the job is completed.

How is my money protected?
All financial transactions in 2PS are facilitated through our secure system. Your funds are held in a secure account for the duration of your project and for up to 15 days after project completion. If the mission payment is completed outside of 2PS, we cannot guarantee any protection of your funds, nor provide you with another consultant in case of any emergency.

What payment methods can I use to purchase pay my consultant’s invoice?
You can use paypal, check, bank transfer or credit card.